Terms and Conditions

The rules that keep our tails wagging safely

Definition and Interpretation

  • "Platform" refers to the Indonesian Furs Community Platform.
  • "Event" refers to the Indonesia Weekend Anthro Gathering 2024.
  • "Service" refers a general term for the platform, event, and all physical, digital, or other experiences that are part of the fulfillment of goods and services provided by the platform or staff.
  • "Staff" refers to the steering committee responsible for the organization and management of the platform and event. The staff is a non-corporate social organization located in Jakarta, Indonesia.
  • "Attendee" refers to individuals who have successfully transacted on the platform and received proof of payment via website or email.
  • "Event Venue" refers to the physical location where the event will be held, which is entitled to be accessed by attendees after paying contribution fee.


By attending this event, attendees acknowledge these terms and commit to upholding them:

  • Reading and agreeing to the Code of Conduct.
  • Reading and agreeing to the Terms of Service (this document).
  • Reading and agreeing to the Privacy Policy for this event.
  • Providing consent for the staff to collect Personal Identification Information for the purpose of delivering the Services to the attendee who paid for the contribution fee.
  • Agreeing to abide by all regulations and follow any instructions set by the event staff and venue staff. Attendees acknowledge that any violations or damages caused are their full responsibility.
  • Acknowledging that all transactions occurring during the event are the responsibility of the seller and buyer. Both parties must comply with local regulations, and the event staff is not responsible for these transactions done during the event.
  • Agreeing to bind the attendee's identity to their badge. Any violations of the Code of Conduct set by the event staff, or regulations set by the venue, may result in the revocation of the attendee's badge without any refund and may lead to prohibitions to related events.

Terms of Transaction

The payment of a contribution fee grants the attendee the right to one pass for a pre-determined entry period. This right is only valid for the event and cannot be exchanged for any future events unless specified by the staff.

By paying, attendees agree that the transaction is governed by the following terms:

  • All passes must be checked by prospective attendees at the time of payment, as errors may not always be rectified.
  • Purchases will only be recognized by the event after payment is secured by the platform's integration with the payment provider, or through any alternate payment methods agreed upon between the prospective attendee and event staff. Payment confirmation will be provided in writing (in the form of an email, or an entry on the platform) containing a unique identification number that the staff will use to associate the attendee's payment and personal information to a pass that the attendee can exchange for a badge and attend the event.
  • The Integrated payment providers have their own Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. If issues arise and are later identified with the payment gateway, the staff is not responsible for these issues. However, the staff will assist if there are concerns related to payment issues with the staff's payment gateway.
  • If the event is rescheduled, altered, moved, or canceled outside of Force Majeure, the event staff is not responsible for any costs that may be incurred by prospective attendees for travel, accommodation, and other related services.
  • Event staff reserves the right to limit attendee quotas. Event staff also reserves the right to limit the amount of contribution fee that can be paid by a member from one profile.
  • Event staff reserves the right to unilaterally cancel transactions if they find fraud or malpractice in payment. This includes but is not limited to, fictitious orders, credit card chargebacks, payments exploiting platform system vulnerabilities, and payments from funding sources indicated to be involved in money laundering. No refunds will be given, and payment information may be surrendered based on lawful orders from Indonesian government authorities as part of financial fraud investigations.

By paying a contribution fee to the event, attendees explicitly agree to comply with the staff's Code of Conduct, the event's Terms and Conditions and agree to provide their personal information in exchange for the Services offered by the staff.

Please note that failure to comply with the staff's Code of Conduct during the event may result in the revocation of the badge, expulsion from the event, termination of membership, and revocation of user registration on the staff's platform.

Terms of Admission

The event is organized privately, with personal invitations extended to members who have registered through the platform and paid a contribution fee, granting them the right to attend the event.

A single payment for any tier entitles the payer to one entry pass to the current event. This is a non-refundable payment. Attendees must then exchange their passes for a badge at the event. This is done by presenting their proof of payment (either by showing the proof on email or the staff's site/platform through screen or printed media) and showing their official identification to the staff registration team. Detailed instructions regarding the badge collection/exchange process will be communicated before the event.

Once a pass is exchanged for a badge for the event, it is no longer transferable, and every badge holder is required to wear the issued badge at all times within the event space.

There is no entry to the event without a valid badge. Only the badge grants attendees entry into the con space. Passes or proofs of payment will not be accepted as entrance token until exchanged for a badge.

Entry rights are not universal and are subject to compliance with the event's Code of Conduct. Adherence to the rules and conditions set is at the discretion of the staff responsible for providing services to the attendees.

The staff reserves the right to revoke badges and eject individuals who are found to be in violation of the staff's Code of Conduct and/or related policies from the event.

Denial of Registration or Entry

By paying a contribution fee to the event, attendees explicitly agree to abide by the Code of Conduct, Terms and Condition, and Privacy Policy. The act of ticking the agreement box, along with proof of payment, will be used to link the attendee's acknowledgment with their conduct at the event.

Please note that in order to maintain a safe and comfortable environment for all attendees, and in accordance with the staff's Privacy Policy, event staff reserves the right to manually review attendee information provided during payment to ensure it aligns with the event's Code of Conduct, Anti-Harassment Policy, and Harmful Behavior Policy. If a paying attendee is identified as violating these policies by event leadership, the event reserves the right to cancel their entry without a refund.

During the event, if event staff discovers concerns that could impact the safety and comfort of other attendees, or if a attendee is known to violate the event's Code of Conduct, staff may need to revoke the attendee's badge under event leadership evaluation and will not offer a refund.

Refund Policy

All transactions are final. No voluntary refunds will be provided.

If a attendee voluntarily chooses to cancel, fails to attend the event, downgrades their pass, or opts to remove their Personal Identification Information from the event, the staff will not refund the contribution fee.

If a attendee voluntarily chooses to upgrade their badge, they will only be required to pay the difference in rates between their previous badge and the new one. This fee does not include bank payment and processing charges.

Refunds will only be issued under the following conditions:

  • Force Majeure events with examples include, but are not limited to: major damage to the event venue, economic collapse, national unrest, threats to national security, and worldwide disease outbreaks that could threaten the health, safety, and security of all attendees, staff, and the venue. This does not include attendance delays not caused by condition such as, but not limited to, flight, bus, or train delays, personal accidents, and denial of entry into Indonesia due to non-compliance with immigration policies.
  • Attendees have been notified in writing (via email) that they have been accepted as an Honorary Guest, for which the entry fee will be waived.

Eligible refunds will be processed via bank transfer and confirmed in writing.

Additional Policies Related to Vendors, Panelists, and Performers

Attendees may be given additional facilities as vendors/dealers, panelists, or performers. In addition to paying contribution fee, the following attendees must register separately on different forms, depending on their specific role. A attendee may be given a combination of any of these roles.

The specific definitions of each attendee role are as follows:

  • Vendor/Dealer: Attendees who will sell fan-made products as sole traders or small businesses, primarily selling goods and/or services related to the furry fandom and relevant pop culture fandoms in trade transactions.
  • Panelist: Attendees who will give talks or lectures.
  • Performer: Attendees who will specifically provide musical, theatrical, or other audiovisual experiences at designated time slots for performances, concerts, or related events.

Liability Waiver

The staff is committed to providing an enjoyable, safe, and inclusive experience for all attendees. Please understand that although the staff has made the best effort to follow safety and health guidelines, not all risks can be completely eliminated.

Except for liabilities mandated by Indonesian law, the staff is not responsible for any damages, losses, expenses, costs, or liabilities (including, but not limited to, direct or indirect losses) as a result of using or the inability to use the platform, event, venue, or any associated physical or digital services.

Policy Changes

The staff has the discretion to periodically review and amend this document to align it with possible organizational developments and/or modifications of legal mandates or regulations. If the staff chooses to revise this Privacy Policy, notice of such changes will be communicated through official channels.

The attendees agree that they are obligated to periodically review this document to stay informed about the practices of the event and platform. Continued use or access to the platform will be interpreted as consent to the revised and modified Privacy Policy.

Communication Procedures

For inquiries, feedback, complaints, or claims related to this document, or to exercise rights as a member or attendee not serviceable on the platform, correspondence should be directed via email to: [email protected]