Privacy Policy

In accordance with Indonesian law, this document details the event's policy on handling the Personal Identification Information (hereafter referred to as "PII") of its attendees, with the objective of providing services that have been registered for and paid by the attendees. These services include:

  • The ability to use the platform to pay, manage, modify, and confirm participant profiles, passes, and related information, giving them the ability to use the platform to attend the event.
  • An element that identifies pass ownership by members, which grants them participant status, and which can be exchanged for a badge to attend the event.
  • Participation of badge holders as attendees in the event.

General PII required from attendees in exchange for services includes:

  • Full official name, as stated on government-issued identification.
  • Date of birth, as stated on government-issued identification.
  • Email address
  • Stored payment data linking participant payments via third-party payment services to their payments. Further details about data shared and stored from the payment provider are outlined below.

Optional data includes phone numbers, and PII related to third-party individuals (including but not limited to family members, friends, or other acquaintances). It is the attendees' responsibility to obtain the necessary consent from these individuals.

Through the payment provider, the staff stores derivative PII as a requirement to offer Services to attendees. The staff uses this information to ensure payment for staff services has been received and acts as reconciliation data for bookkeeping.

Definition and Interpretation

  • "Platform" refers to the Indonesian Furs Community Platform.
  • "Event" refers to the Indonesia Weekend Anthro Gathering 2024.
  • "Service" refers a general term for the platform, event, and all physical, digital, or other experiences that are part of the fulfillment of goods and services provided by the platform or staff.
  • "Staff" refers to the steering committee responsible for the organization and management of the platform and event. The staff is a non-corporate social organization located in Jakarta, Indonesia.
  • "Attendee" refers to individuals who have successfully transacted on the platform and received proof of payment via website or email.
  • "Event Venue" refers to the physical location where the event will be held, which is entitled to be accessed by attendees after paying contribution fee.

PII from Payment Partners

Information that the staff stores from payment partners includes:

  • Payment ID, which is a system-generated ID number that links transactions processed by staff payment partners to the staff's internal system.
  • Source of payment funds, which is the payment method chosen by attendees to fund their contribution fee. This includes bank transfers, virtual accounts, e-wallets, QRIS, cross-country QR, direct debit payments, credit and debit card payments, as well as cash payments at convenience stores.
  • Payment status, which is an indication of the success/failure of participant payments used by the staff to verify the validity of payments from the staff's provider, to systematically issue passes granting attendees' rights to attend events, goods, services, and related experiences, as well as rights to paid services.
  • Chargeback/Reversal/Claim/Void requests from the payment fund source, indicating if there have been correction requests from the payment provider. The staff uses this information to recheck any correction claims or to cancel payments of contribution fee if applicable.
  • Timestamps related to Payments, to monitor payment completion and reconcile it with the current status between the platform and the payment provider.
  • System logs related between the staff's platform and the payment provider for monitoring platform stability and availability.

Information that is not stored and cannot be accessed by the staff from our payment partners includes:

  • Details of the attendees' payment fund sources. The staff does not store the attendee's account name, funding institution, account number, available balance, debit or credit card numbers, CVC/CVV, expiration date, OTP or PIN codes, authentication tokens, credit scores, compliance check results, phone numbers (beside the one voluntarily given directly to platform), and other specific PII that could reveal sensitive financial information.

Please refer to the terms and conditions and privacy policy set by the payment provider for their policy on protecting attendee information and payment completeness.

Use of Data

General PII will be used for various purposes, including:

  • Providing services offered on the platform and at the event to attendees, which may be digital, physical, or experiential.
  • Issuing event passes, which can be exchanged by attendees for special badges at the event. These badges can be uniquely identified for each attendee, thereby helping to maintain their comfort and security.
  • Cross-referencing attendee PII with official IDs (such as Indonesian KTP, driver's license, passport, or driver's license from specific regions) at the time of registration. This is to affirm that the badge holder is the legitimate pass owner.
  • Identifying attendees within the event space to promote a safe and comfortable environment for all.

The staff will not use PII for automated processing. Manual review of attendee information, if necessary, will focus on:

  • Validating the accuracy of data, such as the spelling of names and email addresses, to facilitate services like badge exchange.
  • Ensuring attendee compliance with the staff's Code of Ethics for overall safety and order. In case of violations, PII may be shared by event leaders for necessary action.
  • Complying with legitimate data requests from authorities in accordance with Indonesian regulations.

In providing services, the staff will use PII to:

  • Allow attendees to manage their information through the platform.
  • Confirm attendee identity during event registration, where they convert their passes into physical entry badges.
  • Ensure the type of badge that attendees are entitled to, based on their role (e.g., performer, panelist) and associated privileges.

The staff will not collect specific PII beyond the amount necessary for service provision. However, attendees may voluntarily provide additional information for their health and safety, such as health conditions or emergency contacts. This will be managed responsibly and used only when necessary.

Finally, attendee PII will not be sold, transferred, or shared, except to fulfill legitimate requests based on Indonesian regulations.

Attendee's Rights

If an attendee no longer wishes to voluntarily provide their Personal Identification Information (PII) to the staff, they need to inform the staff in writing at [email protected], and the staff will revoke all of the attendee's PII with written confirmation. As a consequence, this will also cancel the attendee's membership from the platform, participation in the event, and ownership of the attendee's passes and badges. If an attendee has paid a contribution fee and voluntarily requests to remove their PII, the attendee will still be subject to the refund policy.

The staff reserves the right to refuse requests for access, correction, and/or deletion of part or all of the PII under their control if such refusal is mandated by applicable legal statutes. This prerogative particularly applies in scenarios where the PII includes references to other individuals, or if the request is deemed suggestive of violating established terms and conditions or law.

Recording During the Event

Participants may be photographed, filmed, or have their voices recorded for publication or security purposes during the event by authorized staff. If a attendee wishes for event staff not to film them, please inform the staff verbally during the event, and the staff will take the best action to exclude the attendee from documentation accessible or viewable by the public.

Please note that this does not apply to photography, video, or audio clips taken by fellow attendees. To respect each other's privacy, all attendees are asked to comply with the Recording section in the Code of Ethics, which informs how the event expects attendees to respect each other in terms of recording audiovisual media.

Liability Waiver

Although the staff has made extensive efforts to secure data, inherent vulnerabilities in internet data transmission mean that absolute protection against interception, access, disclosure, alteration, or unlawful destruction cannot be assured with certainty, due to external factors beyond their control.

In accordance with applicable law, attendees release the staff from all liability for claims, losses, liabilities, costs, damages, and expenses arising directly or indirectly from activities conducted outside their platform.

Policy Changes

The staff has the discretion to periodically review and amend this document to align it with possible organizational developments and/or modifications of legal mandates or regulations. If the staff chooses to revise this Privacy Policy, notice of such changes will be communicated through official channels.

The attendees agree that they are obligated to periodically review this document to stay informed about the practices of the event and platform. Continued use or access to the platform will be interpreted as consent to the revised and modified Privacy Policy.

Communication Procedures

For inquiries, feedback, complaints, or claims related to this document, or to exercise rights as a member or attendee not serviceable on the platform, correspondence should be directed via email to: [email protected]