Code of Conduct

To ensure the fun is fun for everyone

Indonesia Weekend Anthro Gathering (IWAG) is a celebration for us, by us. It’s our private haven to enjoy, but it's not for the general public. Sure, we're all about fun and freedom. But some rules are vital for everyone's safety, and the event's smooth run. Of course, we also need to maintain the reputation we're all proud of. By setting foot in IWAG, you're saying "yes" to these rules and all instructions given by our team.


When you sign up and pay for IWAG, you receive a non-refundable pass. This pass exclusively entitles you (not other attendees) to participate in this specific event (not other events). Upon registration, you'll receive a confirmation either by email or on the IWAG website. During the event, this pass can be exchanged for an official event badge, which you are required to wear at all times within the event area. Please be aware that we do not issue refunds for these badges under any circumstances. If you lose your badge, a replacement can be issued upon presentation of proper identification.

Please note that if you are unable to attend the event for any reason, refunds will not be available.

Your pass grants you access to the general event, but it may not cover special events within IWAG. These special events may have limited availability and could be subject to their own specific rules, additional fees, or require a separate pass.

For a complete understanding of what your pass includes and the rules of participation, we strongly urge you to read the Terms and Conditions.

Registration and Authentication

To ensure a smooth check-in at the event, please have your legal identification ready. We will then match it with the details you shared with us. Don't worry if there are small differences, such as an abbreviated middle name or surname.

Your privacy is a priority for us. We handle your personal details with the utmost care and confidentiality. They are used exclusively for the event, and we commit to not sharing or selling your information. We do not, and will not, retain any extra information from your identification, such as your identification number. Verification will be conducted visually, focusing solely on your name and date of birth.

For comprehensive information on how we handle and protect your personal information, we encourage you to review our Privacy Policy.

IWAG welcomes everyone aged 14 and up. For our younger fur friends under 17, please bring a signed Consent Form. Additionally, you will need to bring a form of identification, for example:

  • A Youth Identification Card (the pink KTP),
  • A Student Card, or
  • A photocopy of your Family Card

Whichever identification card you choose to bring, it must clearly display your birth date and legal name.

Restricted Items

We want to make sure everyone has a good time at our convention. To do that we've got a few items that need to stay outside convention spaces:

  • Smoking buddies: That means cigarettes, cigars (wow!), e-cigarettes, and vapes.
  • Alcoholic drinks: Let's keep the space bubbly with just our energy! We also reserve the right to reject admittance to those who appear intoxicated.

Please note, that if any of the above items make their way into the event, we will take care of them for you until you head out. You can of course consume them in private areas (such as your hotel rooms) or in designated areas.

Additionally, you must not bring these items into the convention venue:

  • Weapons: Such as firearms or blade weapons.
  • Controlled substances: Consult the Indonesian law for these. If we come across any, we will inform the authorities.

We also have a some exceptions for specific member of the attendee:

  • Dealers can bring box cutters and scissors, but only for use in the Dealer's Den.
  • Fursuiters can bring your repair kits. We know accidents can happen.
  • For our role-playing enthusiasts, props that resemble weapons but aren't sharp or metallic are welcome. We just ask you to label them with a zip-tie during check-in.
    • For projective toys such as Nerf Guns, airsoft, or water guns, make sure they are empty, unloaded, and clear of any projectile!

Our Security team or the venue staff themselves may do additional security checks. Please comply with all instructions for inspection.

Your Badge

Your badge is your special key to our event. Wear it with pride and make sure it's always visible throughout the event. If you stumble upon a lost badge, kindly hand it over to our reception desk. You may return it to the owner yourself if you know them. Did you misplace yours? No worries, swing by the reception, and we'll see if a kind person has returned it. Here are some other notes on the badge.

  • Please use only authentic badges. We will ask anyone with a copied or fake badge to leave.
  • Feel free to personalize your badge with stickers, pictures, other lanyards, or pins. Just make sure your name and number are still easy to see.
  • Our staff, venue staff, or any law enforcement might ask to see your badge and the identification you used for picking it up. So, have them handy.
  • Bringing a badge from past events? We appreciate the thought, but please only wear this year's badge. However, if you have badges from other cool events, you can have those alongside your IWAG one.

Badge sharing is off-limits. It might seem like harmless fun, but sharing badges compromises our event's security. If you share your badge with someone who ends up breaking the rules, we'll hold you accountable for their actions. So let's play it safe and keep badges personal. If we find badges being shared, we have to ask all the parties involved to leave

Your Stuff

Upon entering our convention, we'll conduct a brief bag check. If we come across any items that aren't allowed, don't worry. We'll store them for you to collect when you leave. Please note that if we find any controlled substances or dangerous material, we're obligated to inform the authorities. You also won't be able to partake in our events in the future.

Rest assured, any items we set aside during the bag check are securely stored, and ready for you to retrieve upon exiting.

We understand you might carry some cherished items with you. Keep them close to ensure their safety. If you stumble upon a misplaced item, please bring them to the Con Operations. Lost something? Check with the Con Operations room or venue staff. It might just be there waiting for you!

If you happen to have left behind something and realize it after the con, fret not. If we find something and nobody has picked it up during the con, we will surrender it to the venue’s lost and found department. You may then contact and enquire our venue about it.


As we revel in the fun and bond with fellow furries, remember to let our actions and words reflect the IWAG code of conduct. Our guiding principle is courtesy. Being polite and accommodating uplifts the atmosphere and makes the event enjoyable for attendees of all ages!

Creating a welcoming environment is a group effort. This means that no discrimination, harassment, or derogatory remarks based on identity are allowed. Such behavior has no place at IWAG.

If someone's actions unsettle you, consider opening a dialogue. A friendly and understanding chat often resolves minor issues. However, if the problem persists, don't hesitate to bring it to the attention of IWAG staff. It's important to let us know right away, as addressing issues after the event wraps up can be tricky.

It's important to underscore our zero-tolerance policy for violence and threats. If you encounter anything of this nature, your first call should be to the authorities. Then you can proceed by informing us of all the relevant details. Our ultimate goal is to foster a safe and joyful space for everyone to enjoy.

We do not condone, and we do not want to expose our community to unsavory behavior. To maintain a safe and comfortable environment for all attendees we reserve the right to conduct checks on our attendees, as governed by our Privacy Policy. The checks will be done with the knowledge of our convention leadership.

For more details of unwelcomed behavior or individuals, please read our anti-harassment policy and harmful behavior policy.


At IWAG, when you wear a fursuit, you are not just a attendee, you are the face of our community. This applies not only inside the venue but also when you are in a public place next to the event. It is important to keep this in mind.

Our fursuited events are designed to be family-friendly and suitable for a wide range of age groups. The fursuit you wear must also be suitable for all ages. Make sure that your fursuit is not "anatomically accurate" or too revealing. Inappropriate attire, including indecent costumes or controversial symbols, is not permitted.

Lastly, remember that wearing a fursuit can make you sweat, so make sure you and your fursuit stay fresh and clean.

Regarding the schedule, our organizers will inform you about fursuit events. Make sure you are on time. You also need to prepare everything you might need, such as hydration or handlers. Your comfort and safety are your responsibility. IWAG staff are there to facilitate, not to meet individual needs.

We have prepared a special room for our fursuiters, where you can dress up, freshen up, or rest. This space is monitored to ensure the safety of your equipment. We recommend that you use this area to avoid costume-related incidents.

For bystanders, understand that fursuits can limit your vision and hearing. We urge fellow attendees to be careful and provide enough space for fursuiters. Avoid sudden or unexpected interactions. Respecting personal boundaries is very important. Remember, every fursuit and costume is a work of art. So, before approaching or interacting, ask permission first.


We have some guidelines regarding clothing that you should keep in mind.

First, let's keep our clothes animal-friendly by not using real fur.

If you wish to use body paint, please visit our Operations desk for approval. This is necessary to prevent damage to the costumes and venue. For facial makeup, you don't need to worry, just be careful when applying it.

When dressing, make sure to keep it family-friendly and appropriate to the atmosphere of the event. Avoid clothing that is too provocative, which may cause confusion, complaints, or objections. Inappropriate items of clothing include but are not limited to:

  • Indecent costumes,
  • Costumes with controversial symbols,
  • Costumes with fetishistic elements, or
  • Uniforms from real organizations, both government and private.

If you have a costume idea that might be on the edge of these rules, please consult with Operations for approval.

Conditions on Recording and Press Media

Feel free to capture your exciting moments for personal use. Don't forget to ask permission before taking photos of other people. Also, understand that sometimes you may appear in the background of someone else's photo.

Sometimes the IWAG crew will also take photos and videos. These photos become our property and may appear in our promotional materials or publications. By attending, you give your consent to IWAG to use these media for non-commercial purposes without compensation or notification.

If someone is in a private situation, such as receiving medical attention or relaxing in a fursuit lounge, please respect their privacy. We do not allow taking pictures or sharing photos and videos of these private moments.

If you want to record any event in IWAG, be it for live streaming, mass media publications, or research, you need to get our approval first. Please send a letter to [email protected] explaining your intention. You also need to pay a contribution fee like other attendees.

Please note that members of the Press and Journalists will be noted by event leadership and will be subject to escorting from event staff, and we reserve the right to deny recordings, interviews, or any interaction as deemed necessary.

Lastly, some programs at IWAG may have their own rules regarding recording devices.

Respecting The Venue

To ensure a pleasant stay at the Ibis Styles Sunter, all hotel guests, including those attending the convention daily, must follow the hotel's rules. This is required even if you're not staying at the hotel. You need to adhere to all noise guidelines. If staff from the event or venue asks you to close your hotel room door or turn down your volume, please do so. Not following these rules could lead to penalties, including losing your convention badge.

Sleeping in the convention area is not allowed. If you need to rest, please go to a private place like your hotel room or home. If you don't have a room yet, you can find booking options on our website or other hotel booking sites. Sleeping in public or convention areas overnight is not allowed. You could be asked to leave the venue by the staff.

The use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) is not allowed in the venue due to low ceilings and limited space unless you have explicit permission from Convention Operations and they have made a public announcement about it.

Consequence of Violation

If someone violates our Code of Conduct, consequences can vary, from a warning to removal from the event. However, our IWAG team always strives to focus on understanding and empathy. If you feel like something is wrong, or that certain situation is not handled properly. Our directors are always ready to listen.

We also uphold personal responsibility. If someone's actions cause damage or pose a safety risk, we hold them accountable. We might include law enforcement if necessary.

Liability Waiver

By participating in IWAG, you acknowledge with these terms:

  • You agree to follow all rules and follow the instructions of the IWAG organizer and event venue. You acknowledge that any violations or damage caused are your responsibility.
  • You acknowledge that every transaction that occurs during IWAG is the responsibility of the seller and buyer. Both parties must follow local regulations, and IWAG is not responsible for such transactions.
  • You agree that your identity is tied to your badge. Violation of the IWAG Rules of Conduct or venue rules may result in revocation of your badge without refund and even permanent cancellation of membership.

Our team is committed to providing a fun, safe, and inclusive experience for all attendees. Although we strive to follow safety and health guidelines, we cannot guarantee that all risks can be eliminated. We are not responsible for any actions taken by or affecting attendees, or any damage, injury, or loss incurred during the event, other than obligations required by Indonesian law.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.


Have questions about our code of conduct? Send an email anytime to [email protected]. It's best to contact us before the event starts.

We may make changes to these rules from time to time. However, don't worry, the latest version will always be available on this page.

Wow, can't wait to see you at IWAG! Let's come together to make this an unforgettable, joyful, and safe celebration for everyone!