Other Policy

Extra information to keep your experience smooth and enjoyable

Anti Harassment Policy

Harassment includes, but not limited to:

  • Making comments that discriminate based on gender, sexual orientation, disability, appearance, race, age, or religion
  • Displaying indecent images in public
  • Intimidating, stalking, or following someone without their consent
  • Taking photos or videos of someone without their consent
  • Displaying unwelcomed behavior, both in-person and online, that continues even after being asked to stop
  • Disrupting events or talks
  • Doing unwanted physical contact
  • Making unwelcome sexual remarks or advances
  • Displaying hate symbols or using slurs or vulgar language to intimidate
  • Encouraging any of these behaviors

Dealers and vendors at the convention are also bound by these anti-harassment policies. Specifically, exhibitors must avoid displaying indecent images, activities, or materials. Additionally, booth staff, including volunteers, should not wear indecent clothing, or uniforms. Likewise, they should not contribute to an indecent environment.

Attendees were asked to stop any harassing behavior by anyone, not just con staff. should comply immediately. We will act against anything that disrupts the convention or creates a hostile environment. These policies apply to all event venues and related activities.

Depending on the severity of the behavior, attendees may have their badge removed, and may be evicted from the convention. At worst they may be banned from IWAG and associated events based on evaluation from event leadership.

To report harassment, email [email protected] or visit convention operations. Reports will be handled privately and seriously by the con leadership, aiming to ensure the safety and comfort of all attendees.

Harmful Behavior Policy

In line with Indonesian laws, the following individuals are not eligible to attend IWAG:

  • Anyone banned from major conventions, including furry, anime, My Little Pony, general comic, and other pop culture conventions, both in Indonesia and abroad.
  • Individuals convicted, under investigation, or promoting
    • Sexual assault,
    • Animal abuse,
    • Exploitation or corruption of minors,
    • Crimes against minors or vulnerable adults,
    • Drug abuse, or
    • Zoophilia.
  • Members of groups promoting activities harmful to national security, as defined by Indonesian counter-terrorism law.
  • Individuals who have made false statements intending to harm another person's reputation or social standing.
  • Anyone found to be abusive towards other attendees, staff, or venue staff during the event.

If you believe any of these apply to you but still wish to attend, you must contact the event leadership to discuss your eligibility to take part and use its services.

Failure to contact us, or attempt to attend despite a denial, will result in permanent exclusion on legal grounds of trespassing a private event. We will keep your Personal Identifiable Information for safety purposes and legal compliance. For more severe violations, as specified by Indonesian law, our staff may report individuals to the authorities.

If you witness a serious crime at the event, you have to inform Convention Operations and be prepared to assist in filing a police report. This helps staff and attendees serve as legal witnesses when needed.