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Welcome to the Indonesia Weekend Anthro Gathering! (IWAG). We are the Furry Convention in Indonesia, that celebrates the creativity and uniqueness of all of you. Here, you can connect and have fun together with fellow anthropomorphic animal enjoyers. Here, we bring to life the charm of cartoons and fables, from the classic Reynard the Fox to the modern Nick Wilde of Zootopia. From Old Coyote, the king of pranks, to Will E. Coyote, who, more often than not, gets pranked himself.

Unlike most fandoms, IWAG is the place for you to explore your true self. Here, we represent ourselves with our own individual animalistic likenesses. Imagine, that your identity is a mascot to represent you and yourself, not an institution or a company brand.

Our wonderful community members come from all corners of Indonesia, and gather every year to celebrate the "Furry Convention", colloquially spoken as a “FurCon”. But, a FurCon is more than just your typical get-together. Here, we combine creativity, learning, and fun. Exciting events, that range from workshops, talk shows, and games, to art exhibitions are typical thoroughfares. All of this is proof of our commitment to maintaining and respecting our solid community.

At IWAG, we are much, much more than a group of people. We are also a family bound together by our imaginations, brazen as they may be. For those of you who have been in this world for a long time, or who are just about to enter, we are ready to welcome you with open arms. We mean paws.

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Come on! Join us to experience creation, collaboration, and celebration.
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The staff behind IWAG

Here are the furries behind the IWAG. Some of them have sites or social media where you can pay a visit. Just click on their avatar and if they have one, a new page will open.

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IWAG's Begining


The origins of IWAG began with our annual tradition, the Indonesia Winter Furmeet (IWFM). Despite not having any actual snowfall, these year-end meetings brought our community together for the first time in December 2017. The COVID-19 pandemic sadly came and put a close to our yearly meetups, but, as soon as the pandemic subsided, our chairdeer stepped up to create a new, much more organized event with 2022’s IWFM

To say that this event was full of unforgettable moments is an understatement, the park fursuit parade being a remarkable impression in our minds (and also to the minds of the people who were organizing a wedding at the park itself). Our members, who look fashionable in their fursuits, immediately interacted with the public, making smiles and building curiosities. This park was also a the backdrop for our group photo session. But the Winter Furmeet is much more than just taking photos and having a nice stroll at the park, we also have comfortable spots for creating art, where members can sketch, draw, and be unleash their creativity. In addition to all of that, we also provide special tables for those who want to try their hand in playing board games.

With a mix of fun and community engagement, this event became the reference for our next gathering. We are very proud of the blueprint that we have designed, and we invite everyone to take inspiration from this. Hopefully, in the future, there can be more similar events that bring more happiness to our community.

The First IWAG


The last Winter Furmeet opened our eyes. Our community said “ Bigger! Greater! We want even more fun! This shared desire to create a more fun and intimate event on the weekend prompted us to plan IWAG. We see IWAG as the next step from the warmth of the Winter Furmeet.

IWAG in 2023 has evolved into something nearing a full-scale FurCon. We extended the event and offered something for everyone. We had a main stage with our own MC, an artist alley, for all participants to express their creativity via artwork, and panel rooms for those who like deeper discussions and participating in discourse. And for those who just wanted to chill out, we had a casual lounge. IWAG 2023 was not only a celebration, but also served as a warm-up for the staff and community, to give an idea of what will come in the future.

For the next IWAG, we are committed to increasing the scale of the event. We want to make something that is not only bigger but also bolder and more inclusive. We want to open the doors of our community much wider than ever before. Through IWAG, we are inviting more members to join, share their unique stories, and express themselves!

So, if you are curious about the world of furries, this is our invitation to you! Come join us at IWAG, and show your wild and untamed joy!